Post Malone denied entry into Australian bar due to tattoos

Post Malone was denied entry to a rooftop bar in Perth, Australia last weekend.

The rapper was barred from the QT Perth Hotel’s rooftop bar over the weekend after his appearance violated the exclusive venue’s strict dress code, which prohibits face, neck and offensive tattoos.

The Post spoke to the West Australian about the incident.

A spokesperson for Five Star Hotel apologized to rockstar rapper real name Austin Post for denying him entry.

“At QT, we aim to welcome everyone and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. QT has been recognized for this over the years,” reads a statement issued to Daily Mail Australia. . “However, on Saturday night, our third party security did not exercise proper discretion and we take full responsibility for this. We sincerely apologize to anyone affected.”

Post night wasn’t ruined by the rejection. Instead he just went to the 18 knots rooftop bar nearby.

The 27-year-old opened Down Under for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on a six-day stadium tour that ended on Sunday.

The rapper is famous for his tattoo-covered look. Tattoos on his face include the words “stay away” and “always tired”, barbed wire near his hairline, and a sword on his cheek.

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