Porchlight Music Theatre’s New Faces Sing Broadway 1951

Take care, Audra McDonald. 10 new actors and singers are preying on your pretty heels.

Monday Night Concert at SPACE (1245 Chicago Ave.) Porchlight Music Theaterof Newcomer Sings on Broadway 1951 We introduced 10 outstanding and up-and-coming performers at Chicagoland Musical Theatre. This was his first SPACE since 2020 and his eighth New Faces production overall.

Selected for their talent as actors, singers and dancers, the five men and five women demonstrated their singing prowess and captivated audiences with songs from well-known and lesser-known shows. New faces on the show include Darin Alexus, Danielle De Clanny-Pierre, Nick Johnson, Abby Loria, Caroline Lyell, Luke Novakowski, Giare Paul Emile, Alix Lord, Nolan Robinson and Jerrod.・I’m Turner.

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