POLYPHIA’s TIM HENSON On TikTok & AI-Generated Music: “How Can You Adapt?”

Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson recently sat together –Rick Beato For long conversations about music, guitar playing and the industry as a whole. in the middle of a chat Blessed When henson We started talking about social media promotion. henson expressed doubts about how much TikTok actually translates into ticket sales and streams, adding that the label is still pushing the platform very hard.

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“As in all times, there is always change,” he said. henson“And there will be people who can understand when those changes happen. And I think we’re in the TikTok era right now. And I don’t know how…any label…they just Because it’s going to try to push you… create a TikTok so you can pop songs and get radio playstreams and stuff and how much of that translates into hard ticket sales and stuff like that I doubt if it will.”

Blessed We then covered how TikTok recently changed its algorithm to prioritize non-music posts. henson It makes me wonder how people can constantly change in order to stay on top of the platform. The conversation also turned to how AI has the potential to put people out of work.

“I don’t know. But it doesn’t surprise me. It’s moving faster than ever. And how can you adapt? How can you change? The art you’re making is the test of time. Each platform? There is someone who created Vines. And how long has Vine been around?

“It’s really weird to see something like an incredible artist Steve Lacy Been to his concerts and no one really knows for like 15 seconds and they really mess him up for the rest of the song. And it’s just like “oops.” Very strange. And it gets even weirder. On the subject of things changing rapidly, I scott [LePage, the band’s other guitarist] I was talking to this yesterday and it seems to be an AI.I’m sure in the next few months or next year we’ll be able to generate something like a riff generator Polyphiatype riff.

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“Everyone is interested in whether they have lost their jobs. It seems that copywriters are no longer out of work because AI only generates copy.”

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