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Between his solo career and his work with The Heartbreakers, Tom Petty released many albums in his lifetime. But which of them is the largest?that’s what we want to know this week Loudwire Knights Voting for Album of the Week.

Vote by Friday 12N ET. Then play the three tracks of her that got the most votes from the album during the poll. Loudwire KnightsAlbum of the week block kicking off next Monday’s show!

Petty is one of the most commercially successful artists of the classic rock era. He formed Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in his 1976 and released his debut album of the same name later that year, featuring “American Girl” and “Breakdown”.the following record you are going to get it! 2 years later and then damn torpedo, Released in 1979, it reached #2 on the Billboard 200. Mojo It came out in 2010.

Rocker also released three albums as a solo artist — 1989s full moon fever, 1994s wildflower and in 2006 highway companion — all of which peaked in the top five of the album charts. For the purposes of this poll, I’ve listed both his solo albums and his Heartbreakers albums in chronological order of release.

Vote for your favorite Tom Petty album below, then tune in Loudwire Knights Find out which record won next Monday at 7:00 PM ET. On the tonight show, you can find out which of her Incubus his albums were voted best and hear three of her songs from the winner.

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