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Megadeth just released their 16th studio album this September and have amassed a decent amount of discography. So which of their albums is the best?that’s what we want to know this week Loudwire Knights Voting for Album of the Week.

Vote by Friday 12N ET. Then play the three tracks of her that got the most votes from the album during the poll. Loudwire KnightsAlbum of the week block kicking off next Monday’s show!

Had Dave Mustaine not been fired from Metallica in 1983, Megadeth would never have formed, and the group could still become one of the most important bands in metal history. Murder is my business…and business is good! Their debut album, released in 1985, was not a huge commercial success, but was still integral to the development of the thrash metal genre in the mid-’80s.

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The band’s next few albums all continued to chart on the Billboard 200, but 1992’s countdown to extinction It ranked first in the top 10 and peaked at number two.

They have played with quite a few guitarists in their career, and their popularity has never waned. They also faced many other hurdles. Especially in the last few years. Mustaine was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and beat it, longtime bassist David Ellefson was fired and had to re-record his latest album with James Lomenzo.

But they’re still going strong, with a total of 16 records for fans to choose from as their favourites. They’ll be doing another tour later this year, so you can check dates and buy tickets.

Vote for your favorite Megadeth album below, then tune in Loudwire Knights Find out which record won next Monday at 7:00 PM ET. On tonight’s show, you can find out which live album was voted best and hear the winner’s three songs.

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