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Live have released nine studio albums since forming in 1984, which one is the best? That’s what we want to know this week. Loudwire Knights Voting for Album of the Week.

Vote by Friday 12N ET. Then play the three tracks of her that got the most votes from the album during the poll. Loudwire KnightsAlbum of the week block kicking off next Monday’s show!

Before they were known as Live, the band went by the name Public Affection. They released his one album under this name in the 1989s. dictionary death, Through his label Action Front. After signing with Radioactive Records in ’91, they changed their name to Live, but then death of the dictionary was included in the vote because it is still considered the first album.

Their first album as a live was in 1991 mental jewelry, However, they weren’t very successful until their follow-up. throw copper (1994), featuring the hits “Selling the Drama”, “I Alone”, “Lightning Crashes”, “All Over You” and “White, Discussion”, was their first record to reach number one. secret samadhi, their Continuing from 1997, it also topped the charts.

Since then, Live has released five more albums, the most recent being their 2014 album. turn, It was the only album to feature Chris Shinn as vocalist instead of Ed Kowalczyk. The latter returned to the band in 2016, but recently hinted that some internal drama within the band was delaying his ability to release new music. was fired, resulting in the singer owning 55% of the band.

Live has several US and European tours planned in the coming months. See the full itinerary here.

Vote for your favorite live album below, then tune in Loudwire Knights Find out which record won next Monday at 7:00 PM ET. On tonight’s show, you can find out which Queen album was voted best and hear three of her winners.

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