Poll – Vote for Your Favorite of Metallica’s Three New Songs

It’s time to vote for your favorite 3 new Metallica songs 72 seasons Songs — “Lux Aeterna,” “Screaming Suicide,” or “If Darkness Had a Son.”

The third track to arrive ahead of 2016’s highly anticipated follow-up after releasing the music video for “If Darkness Had a Son.” Hardwired… self-destructfans have officially heard a quarter of the record’s 12 songs.

Still, it’s hard to sum up all the anticipation for the band’s 11th studio album (12 if you count). Lulubut most fans don’t since it was a collaboration with the now-deceased Lou Reed).


“Screaming Suicide” appears third on the track list, while “Lux Aeterna” and “If Darkness Had a Son” represent tracks 6 and 9, separated by two other unheard-of tracks respectively. In other words, we have no feel for the current or overall direction Metallica is heading, but we do know that all three songs are pretty far apart, both stylistically and lyrically.

It’s all based on the Metallica brand — we’re still dealing with heavy stuff — but “Lux Aeterna” sounds like old-school metal, and “Screaming Suicide” is a little more rock (musically, at least). And “If Darkness Had a Son” is a chugging six and a half minute beatdown.

And it’s those qualities that offer so much to fans who appreciate Metallica’s different eras and the ambitions each one had, to discuss and playfully discuss.

It’s also why you’ll want to know which of the three new songs is your favourite. Vote in the poll below. You can also come back every hour to continue voting.

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Vote for your favorite new Metallica song

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