P!NK Takes A Daring Leap Of Faith In New “Trustfall” Music Video

P!NK puts its bold faith in the new music video for “Trustfall,” which was released Friday morning (January 27th).

The video begins with a person crouching on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Is someone supposed to catch you? Or do you catch yourself? There will be something worth dropping. ”

The theme of loneliness carries over to a girl struggling over a man at a lively house party. In an obviously emotional state, she rides off on her motorcycle and the scene cuts straight to her P!NK standing on the roof of her hotel in Illusion singing the first verse of her song.

“Imagine a place where everything can’t hurt/Imagine a place where everything is safe and unharmed/Oh, we’re looking through bloodshot eyes/Imagine somewhere far away Please / Where they know what they mean and know what they mean They tell us / Will that be enough,’ she sings.

Leading up to the chorus, the young protagonist runs off along the sea. In a fraction of a second, the singer pushes the girl off a cliff, and the scene quickly switches to Georgia Hudson’s incredibly directed visuals, while the girl floats off her bike in slow motion, while P!NK takes on the song’s chorus. belt passionately.

“Close your eyes and leave everything behind / Let’s go where love is by our side / That’s a trustfall baby / That’s a trustfall baby / You and me and everyone alive So / We can jump into the fire / It’s trustfall baby / It’s trustfall baby,” sings P!NK.

Choreographed by Ryan Heffington, P!NK showcases impressive dance skills on the dark street outside the girl’s house. The considerable intensity of the choreography builds up until it reaches a climax, followed by a shot of him slowly falling from the roof of a hotel to P!NK his cut.

As P!NK concludes by hugging the frightened girl, she says: Go there and just do it. Whatever it is, just do it boom and it’s gone. Fear is gone. ”

Co-produced by Fred and Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDade and co-written with Fred, the song is an ode to returning to faith and being taller than fearful.

The Pennsylvania native is releasing her ninth studio album. trust fall, on February 17 via RCA Records. It will be the first album release since 2019. 2B Hurt humansThe first single from her album, “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” was released with a playful music video last November.

P!nk to embark on massive stadium tour in 2023

Following the release of her album, the international superstar will also embark on an extensive 2023 stadium tour dubbed the Summer Carnival Tour. Rodgers at her center in Toronto, Ontario, she kicks off on July 24 and runs through October 9, finishing at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 21-city tour visits iconic venues such as Boston’s Fenway Park, New York’s Citi Field, Chicago’s Wrigley Field, and Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. Also featuring special guests are Brandy Carlisle, Pat Benatar, Neil He’s Giraldo, Grouplove, and DJ Kidd Cutup.

Find out more about P!NK’s upcoming tours here. Tickets for the tour can be purchased from LiveNation.com.

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