P!nk ‘Saddened and Disappointed’ Over Feud Headlines: ‘Art Can Never Be the Focus When You’re a Woman’

P!nk wants people to focus on her new album. trust fall —rather than digging up the “ridiculous feud” she had with Christina Aguilera over 20 years ago.

pop star released trust fall Her latest effort debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and became her ninth Top 10 charting album.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“With me, when you become a woman at a certain age, they say it doesn’t matter what you do anymore, so just do what you do,” she said in a recent interview. said in trust fall and billboard“And I’ve always felt that way. When I was 16, I felt that way. But I don’t write songs for other people. When it comes to songwriting, In a very pure sense I’m very narcissistic I write what I have to write for myself and if someone else can relate to that that’s great we are all this human I have experience as a , and it’s not that different.”

P!nk were asked to rank the music videos when they visited Buzzfeed UK when they were making press rounds for their release. She put her 2001 single “Lady Marmalade” with Aguilera, Mia, and Lil’ Kim at the bottom of her list, saying, “There was some personality. Kim and Mia were good.” Decades later, while some thought she was “shadowing” Aguilera, she responded on Twitter: I have no interest in your sex drama. ”

On Sunday (Feb. 26), she confided how she feels talking about it now. trust fall.

“I am so sad and disappointed with the stories surrounding some of the press I have been on for my album Trustfall,” she wrote on Instagram, where she shared a sweet selfie with her child. Part is in me, inability to lie, incredible ability to exaggerate, but my real disappointment lies in the fact that art never becomes a focus when you’re a woman .”

P!nk wrote: , hard-working people, all they ask you over and over is silly twenties feuds.

“I’m also responsible. I don’t practice dodging bulls. It’s thrown at us hardworking women,” she said. never lied, and for every woman or two I’ve had a problem with, there are hundreds of women I’ve admired, supported, and loved. I don’t speak.”

“When was the last time Bradley Cooper or Robert De Niro were asked in an interview about their quarrels so far? What about Christian Bale? We stick with art with them.” I wish I had the same opportunity.I also believe in genuine apology and admitting my mistakes. This has been a good memory.My wish is to share the pain and celebration of this messy life through music and stage.And I have achieved it.P!nk is next said like this.

“Dear Christina, you know where we stand,” she said, turning the end of the message to Aguilera.

See P!nk’s post below.

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