P!nk Praises Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish & SZA: ‘I’m So Proud of the Girls’

While P!nk has been busy promoting his new album this month, P!nk has taken some time to give props to many of his fellow pop stars in a recent interview, describing him as a “game-changing” artist. I mentioned Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and SZA.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

In a clip shared by Z100 New York earlier this week, P!nk talked about how she’s honed her lane in music and praised young female music stars who are doing the same.

“I keep my head down, perfect my craft, avoid other people’s lanes, stay in my line. And now I own that lane, it’s mine,” P said. !nk said. “For other people, they don’t have to worry about whether their songs fit into the radio format. I think it’s the case for other singers.”

she continued. Kind of like Dr. Seuss. you. no one else can do that. And make real songs that people will never forget. ”

“I think that’s what Olivia Rodrigo is doing,” P!nk noted, revealing that the 11-year-old is a huge fan of hers. She leads an all-female band and she sings about herself. What kind of songs did she write when she was 17, 18? I am very proud of my girls. There are a lot of game-changing badagars out there. Billie Eilish, SZA — Changed the game and I love it. I am here for that.

P!nk has released their ninth studio album. trust fallvia RCA Records on February 17.

Watch the Z100 clip and check out the full interview below.

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