Pitchfork Trashes Maneskin’s ‘Rush!’ Album + Twitter Has Thoughts

Get away, Greta Van Fleet. Pitchfork’s latest “fire” review takes aim at Maneskin’s new album. Hurry up!the Italian rocker scores only slightly higher in its review column than Greta’s infamous 1.6 review takedown of 2018. peace army anthem album. As you can imagine, Twitter has some thoughts, but the backlash to reviews on the site isn’t nearly as swift as when the Greta Van Fleet trash hit.

Maneskin’s review, written by Pitchfork’s review director Jeremy D. Larson (who also wrote a harsh critique of Greta), gave the band a score of 2.0 out of 10.

After first describing some of the hype they’ve received since coming onto the international stage following their Eurovision victory, Larsen said: Hurry up!their first album recorded primarily in English,[It] Absolutely terrible on every level imaginable: vocally harsh, lyrically unimaginative, and musically one-dimensional. It’s a rock album that gets worse the louder you play it. “

The critic viciously posed the question that emerged from listening to the record, commenting: Wouldn’t you like more albums featuring Tom Morello making a phone call with one of the octave pedal guitar solos? Don’t you wish the Cologne commercials were longer? Don’t you wish Guitar Center won a Grammy? What if Max Martin worked with Wolfmother? Remember the band Foxy Shazam? Why is nobody talking about how fake and fake Hollywood is? Don’t you think that lyrics like “No” are too scary for people to sing today??

He later described the band’s atmosphere as “Cirque du Soleil: Buckcherry”, calling the production “very cramped, digitalized and no-frills sound, perfect for keeping busy in the Buffalo Wild Wings bathroom.” It looks like it’s been made into,” he said.

Yes, the Pitchfork review had detractors. “I don’t give a damn about Maneskin, but Pitchfork’s reviews are brutal,” one commented, while another added: Musician A.C. Newman questioned why Pitchfork took the time to review an album they hated so much, saying it was stupid to do so.

Others seemed to enjoy the savagery of the review. wrote, and another commenter added: Blowing them to pieces makes me unimaginably happy and indescribable. And yet another admitted to being torn between his hatred of Pitchfork, but still found humor in the review itself.

A month after naming Beyonce the top album of 2022, yet another called out the site, which cited Maneskin as “playing cliché industry rock.”

And for those who embrace PT Barnum’s maxim that there’s no such thing as notoriety, one commenter said, “This review will only do Maneskin good,” while another laughed, arguing that the band pointed out that they were likely celebrating a 0.4 point improvement. From Greta Van Fleet. For the record, Pitchfork reviews didn’t seem to hurt Greta’s success too much, with the band issuing two chart-topping singles, a third single reaching number three, and the album reaching number three upon release. rice field. With that said, Larson has recently stuck to harsh criticism of Greta Van Fleet’s debut.

You can check out Maneskin’s full Pitchfork review. Hurry up! here.

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