Pink’s ‘Trustfall’ Racing to No. 1 In U.K.

Something special would have to be done to stop Pink from claiming the UK album chart crown. trust fall Set a fast pace (via RCA).

Pink’s ninth studio album has a strong lead in the middle stages. According to the Official UK Charts Company, trust fall They are almost 2-1 ahead of their closest rivals and lead an all-new top 4 at the mid-week marker.

If it keeps its course, trust fall The Philadelphia native will become the next fourth UK chart leader. fun house (from 2008), beautiful trauma (2017) and 2B Hurt humans (2019) — and third in a row.



Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Look back at pop superstar’s 2010 career as Pink prepares to return to tour Greatest Hits – So Far!!! He’s on track to return to the top 40, surging to number 34 on the official chart update.

Inhaler’s is the latest chart explosion to reach No. 2 Cuts/bruises (Polydor), an Irish rocker sophomore effort.

is a continuation to it’s not always like this In 2021, Inhaler became the first Irish artist to top the official charts with a debut LP in 13 years.

Meanwhile, Welsh rock act The’s Damn Crows are looking to break into the UK Top 10 for the first time. exhale inhale (Earache). It is a new song at number 3 on the chart blast.Those damned Crows debuted on the UK charts in the 2020s point of no returnwhich peaked at number 14.

Aiming for a top 5 debut Optical illusion (London Music Stream) is the latest release from veteran British electronic duo Orbital. Optical illusion Targeting a No. 4 start, it will be the pair’s fourth UK Top 10 album in almost a quarter century.Their last was in 1999 The Middle of Nowherereached fourth place.

All will be revealed when the official UK album charts are published later on Friday.

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