Pink: ‘I used to have whiskey and cigarettes in my dressing room, now it’s ball pits and stuffed animals’

Chat with P!NK at Fitzy & Wippa this morning. P!NK recalls her past tours in Australia, talked about her partner’s tattoos with her husband Carrie Her Hart, and how much her dressing room has changed: stuffed toy. She also talks about her very talented daughter, Willow Sage Hart, and how emotional it is to hear her sing: “She tells me so much. It makes me angry.”

FITZY It’s amazing that you’re still making such wonderful music. You started this tiny little community when I saw you in Australia in 2013. Remember playing at the old ICC Center in Sydney? were you doing a show?

PINK Yeah, yeah, it was fun. I used to keep whiskey and cigarettes in my dressing room, but now the ball he’s a pit and a stuffed animal.

WIPPA, but I hope Willow remembers that too?

PINK she remembers it a lot. She remembers her last tour, not the 2013 tour.

WIPPA, you know, when we always talk about pink when your name comes up, it was when we did the Nova Red Room, there were about 30 people there, in the conference room I think it was, but the fans were there. One woman raised her hand and said pink can you show me your tattoo? gave me

Does FITZY Carrie have your tattoo?

PINK He has a picture of my face. I also got a tattoo on his butt. I put the social D band logo on his butt.

FITZY look closely and say the promises here from me. I need to put my head there and attach something to your body.

Pink I got Carrie and it’s the most inhabited place you can get a tattoo. And Carrie put Alicia around her neck.

WIPPA There is another celebrity here in Australia named Hamish Blake. You got a Hamish tattoo on his arm. He has a frog smoking a joint on his skateboard. Pink never fades over the years. it’s still there.

PINK I was really nervous when I had to do it. I’m okay Would you like to talk more about this matter?

WIPPA Yeah he got pupped at the beach the other day. In the photo you can see a frog riding a skateboard.

Pink talks about her daughter Willow singing Olivia Rodrigo [3:06]

I also heard FITZY Willow’s song at the pink recital the other day. Your daughter’s voice is getting better, but this is read by Olivia Rodrigo.

FITZY Is her voice better than yours back then?

Pink Oh God 100%. She has a better voice than I do now. When I drop her off at school in the morning, she’s just sitting next to me singing, and it’s so easy. And I just look at her Like God, everything will be easier for you. And she took her report card home. She’s a straight A. And I look at her, how does this feel?

WIPPA Does that make you emotional?

PINK Oh, absolutely. I cry so much She gets so mad at me.

FITZY Did you get any reaction from Olivia Rodrigo after that recital? Has she contacted you guys?

Pink She did. She reacted perfectly and Willow almost spat out. she was so cute I’m obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo. she is a good writer she is a nice person

Pink talks about stunts she wasn’t allowed to do on her show [4:32]

FITZY As you know, it was only last week that I announced that I would be back in Australia for just over a year. So February will be back

WIPPA Pink’s challenge is to keep pushing the boundaries because your show is such an amazing event.

PINK I thought about what I could do and what I could do with my life. One idea was for me to be on a magic carpet and be flown by a drone, but it was not allowed because it could be hacked and taken away.

The WIPPA carpet pops out of the stadium.

FITZY Aladdin gone bad.

Pink Yeah, so we can’t do that, I can’t get shot from a cannon. Yeah, we try to think big.

FITZY Can I ask you something? But you know, I bent forward, picked up my Twinkie, and at 46, I hurt my hamstrings.

PINK It hurts, everything hurts, but I will live strong. But I’ve heard You fly through the air for two hours, and when you’re knocked to the ground, you trip over a guitar pedal and die. You don’t throw your back and reach for a book playing volleyball.

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