Phuket Music Scene: Original music in Phuket

Back in the UK, I am amazed at how creative the music is and how often the average pub band plays their own songs rather than covers. Creativity like this has produced some of the world’s greatest pop groups (The Beatles), the greatest rock groups (Led Zeppelin) and the world’s most creative solo artists (David Bowie). For a country of just 60 million people, this is an amazing achievement.

Sadly, when I came back to Phuket, the only songs I could seem to hear played in English at live venues were pre-1990 cover songs. we can get out of it.

Gary Crause of the Phuket Academy of Performing Arts recognizes the importance of musical creativity. Gary delves into this not only with his students, but with them as well. I saw his son Blaze playing only his own songs at the Lean on Me festival two years ago. Gary’s own band, Dark Fiber, also provided a fantastic, all-original set that day, with fellow local songwriter Rob Cook on guitar.

Veteran rock guitarist Colin Hill has been writing songs since he was 15 and often inserts a few songs into his sets. He notes that even after he left Australia and came here, some of his songs are still being played on his Australian indie radio station, and some of his songs are available online for him. told me it has over 50,000 listeners.

Fellow Australian musician Mike Mitchell runs a music school at his VK studio in Cherng Thale, and like Gary, encourages his students to be creative.Mike won a major songwriting contest a few years ago and while listening to him broken feather, and it’s easy to see why. A brilliantly crafted ballad about the often self-destructive desire to please others, such a work could easily establish itself on any radio station alongside Collins.

Colin has been performing for several years at a Mexican bar on Boat Avenue in Laguna, where he befriends co-owner Anteo Quintavalle. Anteo asked Colin to help him record his song, and after much effort, Anteo released an album of his songs, One Step at a Time, on December 23rd. with Mike Mitchell providing drums, keyboards and bass.

When asked why he wanted to write his own songs, Anteo said: I believe that songwriting can awaken buried memories and experiences and give them new life and meaning. ”

Upon listening to the album, it quickly became apparent that his songs were deeply introspective and emotional.I was particularly drawn to the song. our time will comeAnteo describes it as follows:

But while his songs may be sad and reflective at times, they carry a message of hope running through them like a golden thread. This thread is most commonly seen on the album title His track. step by stepAnteo says:

Anteo has performed several of these songs with Colin in Mexican bars with some success. “They have been well received when performed live, getting more applause and compliments than standard classic rock covers.

This is completely irrelevant that Phuket musicians might be worried about playing new original songs, and that tourists and expats in Phuket are waiting to hear them. Prove it. Before.

So, fellow Bob Dylan up-and-comers, don’t be afraid to pick up your guitar and write and perform your own songs. For now in Phuket, as the great Nobel Prize-winning songwriter once sang, “Times are changing!”

You can listen to Anteo’s album One Step at a Time on Spotify. Check out SoundCloud for original tunes from Mike Mitchell, Dark Fiber, and the Colin Illy Hill Band. Rob Cook’s can be found on his Bandcamp (Rob C).

Andy Tong Dee is a local expat and musician living in Phuket.Find out more about music venues and artists in Phuket on his website

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