Pet Shop Boys reveal Noel Gallagher collaboration

Noel Gallagher has teamed up with the Pet Shop Boys for a new song.

The synthpop duo have collaborated with former Oasis rockers on a remix of one of his band High Flying Birds’ new songs.

Speaking to students at Cambridge University, vocalist Neil Tennant said: All collaborations are interesting. “

Neil explained that he and keyboardist Chris Lowe want to work with an artist who can make the West End Girls hitmakers sound “ten times better.”

He adds: We want better singers to sing our songs.

“As you get older, you learn how music works. At first I wasn’t sure, but now I think I know a little bit.”

The Pet Shop Boys are looking into more collaboration possibilities, but they don’t want to team up with anyone trying to be cool.

He explained: who knows? Ed Sheeran may suddenly come up with something. For example, if he approached us about it and had something in mind that might work.

“So we might do it. We don’t ‘be cool,’ and Ed Sheeran certainly isn’t ‘cool.’

“We weren’t really into making ‘cool’ music. It’s really about euphoric pop music. Never say never.”

Meanwhile, Noel recently opened the door to a union that fans had really been waiting for, as he admitted that he would “never say never” about the Oasis reunion.

he said: [but] You will have to take an unusual set of situations.

“I’m not saying that situation like that will never happen.”

When asked about his relationship with Liam, 50, he replied: Really yeah.

“he [Liam] Apparently it took me a year to find myself.

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