Patti LaBelle denies rumours of feud with Diana Ross

Patti LaBelle claims she never had a feud with Diana Ross.

During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Wednesday, the host invited the music icon to play a game of “Label and Tell.”

First, Jennifer showed Patti a photo of her and the Supremes star hugging at an event.

In response, Patty fought off rumors that suggested the pair didn’t get along.

“People think we have something against each other, but it really wasn’t,” she explained. That’s my doll, isn’t it?”

Patty did not comment further.

Elsewhere in the round, Jennifer pulled out a photo of Patty and Prince at a party.

“We had a lot of history. Prince brought me to his studio and had a beautiful tailor in the basement of his recording studio, so he made me clothes.” He had me come to his house and cook a 12-course meal and he had biscuits,” the 78-year-old man recalled. “Then he took me to a club and we threw. We had a good time. He was such a mysterious and wonderful person. Who knows what he’s thinking?” I didn’t even know.”

Purple Rain hitmaker Prince died in 2016 at the age of 57.

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