Paramore singer Hayley Williams details ‘s****y’ treatment of women during emo scene years

Paramore singer Hayley Williams hopes other young women in music don’t go through the “s***” she faced in misogynistic emo scenes.

The 34-year-old star went on to become one of the biggest bands to emerge from the emo scene in the early 2000s before achieving mainstream success as a teenager when he started Paramore alongside his high school classmates. .

As the band released six studio albums, This Is Why, Hailey recalled the misogyny she faced as a young woman in a male-dominated scene and was forced to act like one of the boys. rice field.

In a candid interview for NME’s Big Read feature, Haley said: I hope young women don’t go through the s*** that I went through. When we were teenagers, the road ahead was always tough. Our entire scene contributed to the s****y treatment of things that weren’t feminine or masculine. This little Fueled by Ramen band acted like a hardcore band on stage. I felt like if I didn’t throw up any more, someone would throw me away.”

The “Misery Business” singer detailed the bullying emo kids faced.

She said of the appeal of the scene: People look back in these rose-tinted glasses. They talk about good things and forget the rest. It was a different scene for a reason – it was weird. Angry at the injustice of so many people who have been bullied, they are essentially creating a world where others feel unwelcome.

Paramore, now with such a large fanbase, felt a lot of pressure to make “This Is Why” the best possible record.

Haley said: Then we knew we were going to make something horrible that wasn’t in that safe bubble. There are a lot more people waiting than when I went last time. ”

Regarding the group’s future, Hayley joked that she hopes they will all live together “in a commune.”

she said: I can’t see you caring about us being the biggest and worst. It’s more about the quality of what we make and how we connect with each other. Honestly, I’d be happy if we all lived together in a commune. ”

Bandmate Zach Farro, who completed the line-up with 32-year-old guitarist Taylor York, agreed, claiming their friendship was “the greatest achievement”.

The 32-year-old drummer adds: That is the greatest achievement. I like doing shows and making records. Those are great milestones. But our friendship is the greatest. ”

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