Paramore refused to repeat themselves on new album

Hayley Williams has revealed that Paramore weren’t interested in reinventing their old sound for new album ‘This Is Why’.

The Misery Business singer told Billboard that she and her bandmates Zach Farro and Taylor York were among the first to perform on the 2007 smash hit record Riot! and its 2009 follow-up Brand New Eyes.

“We don’t want to be a nostalgic band,” Haley explains. And that’s really what we’ve become known for, right? But writing something that simply feels that way can be very boring. And it’s not challenging enough. And we don’t feel like we’ve grown up. ”

While Paramore are happy with the musical evolution of ‘This Is Why’, which was released on Friday, Hailey was apprehensive during the recording session as she wondered what fans expected from them. He admitted that he felt

“You know you’re doing what feels right because you’re just following your passions and instincts, but you never know what’s going to hit and land in the right direction,” she said. He continued. Because it’s a connection and a relationship with people you love and grew up with, so we trust that.”

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