Oasis of Music presents the music of Aidan Boardman

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Singer-songwriter Aidan Boardman will perform at Oasis of Music on Wednesday, January 4th at 12:30 PM at Trinity Church in Lewiston.

According to his Spotify profile, “Aidan Boardman’s music has a polarity. His lyrics are sometimes humorously cryptic and often inwardly focused, perpetually looking out the window of a greyhound bus.” Reads like a stream of consciousness from someone’s busy mind.But the music isn’t so isolated.In his arrangements the echoes of the community resonate deep.By the family of musicians and artists. Raised in Maine, Aidan’s music has a communal spirit: unpretentious guitars turn into rich layers of violin, brass, percussion, organ, and harmonious vocals delivered by a handpicked selection of talented collaborators. Music has an undeniable “living room” quality. It’s as if you can hear the roaring song coming from the next room. But the windows are open. The world is creeping up. “

The Oasis of Music is a weekly 30 minute music series from September to May. Admission is free and donations are accepted. Music genres vary widely, but mostly in acoustic form. COVID restrictions of optional mask wearing and social distancing adhered to. Trinity Church is located at 247 Bates Street in Lewiston. Please call 207-344-3106 for more information.

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