No Taylor Swift tickets? Paramount sets the next best thing

Swift, take your breath away: There’s a place where you’ll be reminded that you’re running out of tour tickets to the soundtrack of your favorite musician. Swift herself is only there mentally, but her music plays all night long.

Huntington’s Paramount hosts Taylor Swift’s DJ party on January 13th. Hosted by DJ event company If You Know It Sing It, the night will be filled with Taylor’s Swift hits over the years. The music is complemented by signature cocktails named after Swift songs (“Champagne Pee Oblem”, “Sparks Fries”).

The Paramount and If You Know It Sing It collaborated at the same event last year.

But this year’s night will have a bittersweet vibe. If You Know It Sing It described the event as “a support group who didn’t get a ticket.”

This is due to a massive ticket breach that occurred in November after Swift announced The Eras Tour, her first live show since 2018. high demand), many fans found themselves without tickets even after hours of waiting in virtual queues.

Andrew West, who will be DJing at The Paramount, said he expects the night to be particularly energetic because of the situation.

“I think this show is going to be really different. [Eras tour] Tickets, you can come to ours,” he said. “So I think this will be a very good audience.”

Taylor Swift’s DJ parties are a series, held at various venues across the East Coast. West said that at every show, which usually lasts about three hours, the audience is “shouting and singing.”

Farmingdale’s 29-year-old Sandra Costanzo says she believes the event will be fun for all fans, regardless of tour ticket status.

“It’s great that they’re offering support to Swifts who didn’t get tickets and Swifts who just want to jam out to Taylor Swift.” increase.

The party starts at Paramount at 9pm and doors open at 8pm. Ticket prices range from $22.75 to $56.25. You must be 18 years or older to participate.

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