No Record Deal? ONErpm Helps Artists Release & Market Their Own Music

Emmanuel Zunz is the founder and CEO of ONErpm, and his vision for music began several years ago when he launched Verge Records. Early on, he recognized that technology was the wave of the future.

“I realized that to be successful in the music industry, you had to invest in technology because that’s where technology goes.

So he worked on a website covering some of the technology and launched ONErpm in 2010. He created his ONErpm with the simple goal of making music accessible to singers and musicians, but it quickly grew into something bigger than that.

“It started as a simple distribution platform just for distributing music on iTunes and Apple.
, has evolved into a full-fledged modern record label,” Sunz explains. “We continued layering professional services, from all kinds of marketing aspects to intelligence tools, analytics, etc. Today, we don’t think of ourselves as a distributor. Modern music. I believe it is a company.

A modern music company with tens of thousands of clients and offices worldwide. This is a one-stop shop for a wide range of artists, from those who want to distribute their music on digital platforms, to those who are witnessing career growth and are ready for the next level of professional instruction. Thing. Use ONErpm for marketing, branding, and other services.

Artists select the level of service they desire and pay ONErpm a commission based on the revenue generated. This could be a floor for newer artists using the platform solely for distribution to more established artists and getting a full record label type of service.

“The commission is a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 50% to 60%,” says Zunz.

Starting at the forefront of technology, ONErpm is determined to stay on the cutting edge. Most recently, it became the first music company to provide artists with “real-time” online transparency when it comes to marketing campaigns. amplifier Features.

When amplifier, Artists (and artist managers) can log on to get daily stats about how many people are streaming individual songs (and other detailed data), marketing tasks that ONErpm handles on their behalf. You can get the status of a long list of

New York-based PLVTINUM (sounds like Platinum) is a successful independent solo artist in the electronic/alternative fusion genre. He signed on to his ONErpm to help develop what he had already done successfully himself.

“I’m a pretty stubborn guy and that’s one of the reasons I’m self-contained,” says PLVTINUM. “I have been away from major record labels and distribution partners for a long time. Having a well-organized infrastructure is very effective as there are many new opportunities coming in. clearly have a different feel.

He and his ONErpm project manager strategize different aspects of his music. As an example, last fall when one of his songs was already very well received on his YouTube, they looked at how to maximize its success.

He is the author of ONErpm and its amplifier Technology captures certain data for every song he releases.

“You can see Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.
Listen to music and see which regions are popular for which songs, all in one organized chart. The ONErpm portal is therefore like a hub for analytical research. “

Brad Cohen is the founder of Raw Material, an LA-based artist management company. He has worked with dozens of artists across different musical genres and uses ONErpm to help market various clients such as alternative pop artist Christian Gate$.

Cohen says that having daily access to the latest available stats allows him to make important decisions very quickly.

“For example, let’s say you’re looking at an artist’s catalog track by track. Simple math, right? If 25% of people listening to music skip song A and only 10% skip song B. , the total number of streams doesn’t matter.If you’re going to spend $10,000 on something,song A isn’t.You’ll quickly find out that a quarter of people don’t like it.So focus on song B.” said.

Also, being able to access such information individually for each client using ONErpm is very useful.

“It helps me to help my clients because I can visually see what they are working on in real time. It also helps from an administrative perspective where I take care of so many different artists. It’s like an independent task manager for each artist.”

ONErpm Project Manager Casey Childers says there’s also value in charting all the information, compiling it, and making it available over time.

“They can go back a year from now and check back and if they run into problems they can see what we did in each campaign. Instead of tidying up my emails, I can come back to this tool every time, and it’s complete transparency.”

The overall purpose of ONErpm is to help independent artists make a living out of their music by providing a variety of services and updates.

For an artist like PLVTINUM, that means giving him what he needs to oversee and manage every aspect of his career.

“Being a musician today is all about making music, understanding how people consume it, having 360 degree control over a project, and what makes you free and self-reliant. I think it’s about understanding the sides, and I’m a firm believer in that.”

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