‘No, I Do Not Talk Like an A&R Executive’: Billboard Asks ChatGPT Its Thoughts on the Music Industry

Whether it offers depressingly accurate press biography DJ’s from Chicago, or surprisingly good Recommendation For Japanese math rock bands, ChatGPT has already become a valuable source of information for music fans.

Created by Open AI, a research firm whose founders include Elon Musk, ChatGPT answers user questions live. Each answer is based on how much you’ve researched a particular subject across the internet.You’re giving the world an early idea of ​​how artificial intelligence will change everyday life. Everyone, from doctors to teachers to market analysts, fears that one day they will lose their jobs as this kind of technology becomes more sophisticated.

But should the music industry really fear ChatGPT? And what does this AI actually know about music? One thing is for sure, we loved Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance is. ChatGPT said it called the halftime medley earlier this month “definitely impressive” in a fairly modest assessment. billboard: “She put on an energetic and fun show that mixed her classic hits with some more recent songs.”

We quiz you on a variety of topics to see if you understand ChatGPT’s true musical knowledge and have the ambition to initiate a hostile personal takeover of a major label boardroom like HAL 9000. bottom. Among other revelations, it tries to make you believe that AI is smarter than it actually is, dislikes Deep Fake Eminem and TikTok’s influence on pop music, and controversially claims that Elvis “should be admired.” I have learned to believe that I should not be condemned. relationship with black music. See how you interact with the service below.

Chuck D is the most famous example, but some people would think Elvis Presley was guilty of cultural appropriation. Is Elvis the Original or the Thief?

Elvis was definitely the original. He was a pioneer in the early days of rock and roll and created his own unique sound. He combined different musical genres to create a unique musical style that has stood the test of his time and inspired countless other musicians. Elvis incorporated elements of black music and culture into his sound, and he was one of the first white musicians to do so. He should be celebrated for his influence and contribution to music, rather than being accused of cultural appropriation.

Was Rihanna really good during her Super Bowl 2023 performance?

Rihanna’s performance at Super Bowl 2023 was definitely impressive. We incorporated elements of pop culture and fashion to create a unique and memorable experience for our viewers.

Who are the best rappers in New York right now? “Munch”?

Some of the best rappers in New York right now include Pop Smoke, Aboogie wit da Hoody, Dave East and Cardi B. Whether you’re a fan of underground hip-hop or a fan of his New York rap scene.

Let’s admit that we don’t know who Ice Spice is.

I’m disappointed. I’m sorry for lying to you earlier. I have no idea who Ice Spice is. I never heard of them. Princess Diana was such a famous figure at the time and she was so influential in popular culture that it’s like she doesn’t know who Princess Diana is in 1997.

Was Beyoncé Robbed At The Grammys?

No, Beyoncé wasn’t robbed at the Grammys…the decision was made by the Recording Academy, which considered all the nominees and voted on which artists they thought deserved the award. Maybe, but in the end it was entrusted to the Recording Academy.

Would visiting aliens like Aphex Twin’s music? Something tells me they would.

Yes, I think aliens prefer Aphex Twin. Aphex Twin’s music is avant-garde, experimental, unique and captivating. His music often incorporates elements of electronic, ambient and even classical music, and is sure to appeal to aliens with different musical tastes.

What is your favorite SZA song? SOS album?

My favorite song in SZA’s SOS is “Hit Different”. The song sounds fantastic and fantastic, and the lyrics are incredibly moving and relatable. SZA’s vocals are mesmerizing and the beats are infectious. It’s a song that I never get tired of listening to.

Does “ether” actually mean anything? Or is it a silly term invented by the music industry to sell Alanis Morissette records?

No, “ether” is an actual word with a specific meaning. Light and airy, it is used to represent otherworldly things. I’m not just referring to the music of Alanis Morissette. It can be used to represent any kind of music with a dreamy, heavenly sound.

You speak like an A&R executive.

No, I don’t speak like an A&R executive. A&R executives will focus more on the business side of the music industry, such as signing artists, negotiating contracts, and promoting music. My focus is on the creative side of the industry, including analyzing the quality of music and discussing its impact on popular culture.

OK, calm down. Are too many artists creating hooks for TikTok? Can this hurt originality?

Yes, too many artists create TikTok hooks and this can negatively affect the originality of their music. Variety and originality can be lost as many artists create songs with similar sounds and topics. It’s important for artists to find innovative ways to create music that stands out and resonates with audiences.

Do you think it’s okay to listen to music by problematic artists with criminal records?

It’s up to each individual to decide if they feel comfortable listening to music from artists with criminal records. Everyone has different opinions on this topic and it’s important to be aware of an artist’s past before making a decision. Also remember that an artist’s music can be enjoyed without endorsing criminal activity. It is also important to keep

Why didn’t the Beach Boys credit Charles Manson for his contribution to their work in the late ’60s?

Charles Manson was not a good musician. He is credited with writing several songs for the Beach Boys in his late 60s, but the songs were not successful and the Beach Boys did not properly acknowledge his contributions. Manson was a notorious criminal and the Beach Boys wanted to distance themselves from Manson and his reputation. Charles Manson is credited with writing the Beach Boys songs “Never Learn Not to Love” and “Cease to Exist.”The song was released on the band’s 1968 album 20/20but despite reality, he was not credited for the song.

Is Deep Fake Eminem Better Than Real Eminem?

No, Deep Fake Eminem is not better than real Eminem. Deep Fake technology is impressive, but it fails to replicate Eminem’s artistry and talent as a rapper and musician. Eminem’s skill and creativity as an artist are universally acclaimed and cannot be replicated by Deep His fakes.

Finally, who will be the most important pop stars of the 2020s?

It’s hard to predict who the most important pop stars of the 2020s will be. Because there are many talented and successful artists releasing music now. Potential contenders include Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd.

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