Nicki Minaj revives alter-ego Chun-Li for new single Red Ruby Da Sleeze

Nicki Minaj has released her first track of 2023, ‘Red Ruby Da Sleeze’.

On the eve of the song’s release, the rap star warned the ghostwriter that “they’re going to be a mess,” while Nicki channeled her Chinese alter ego, Chun-Li, from the 2018 track of the same name. He declared that he was “still on hiatus.”

The 40-year-old star wrote on Instagram: Ghostwriters around the world are competing. just watch. Nicky is still on hiatus. is this here? she is outside. (as original)”

On “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” Nicki spits on a sample of Lumidee’s 2003 hit “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh).”

Fiery star wraps.

The single follows 2022’s mega-hit “Super Freaky Girl,” which samples Rick James’ 1981 rowdy hit “Super Freak.”

Meanwhile, Nicki recently accused new artists of cheating established musicians.

The music star resented that he was “disgusted” by the lack of originality in today’s artists.

she said:

“I know some new artists have an awful lot of talent, but when they see who they want to be or sound like, more than they see who they are, they’re more like me.” will lose

“So if I listen to too many songs by an artist who is already a hit, when I’m done listening to your song or watching your performance, I’ll play that artist.

“And if I’ve heard too much about an artist who’s already hit, when I’m done listening to your song or seeing your performance, I’m going to play that artist. I’m not going to go find out more about you because you reminded me of others in. Now you’ve awakened all the other hits they had in my head, And that’s for you later.

Here’s what she says about getting into music: Jay-Zs and her DMXs, Wu-Tang Clans, Nases, Pacs, Biggies and more.

“Even the female rappers I’ve always loved, like Eve and MC Lyte, were so unique to Salt ‘n’ Pepa even the voice of Left Eye. (Lil) Kim and Foxy (Brown) were, to me, They weren’t similar at all, everyone had their own.

“You had to! Come to think of it, there were magazines where you might meet someone you liked. We bingeed their Instagrams with crazy photos to get a glimpse of their private lives.” Look, you couldn’t see this or see that So you had to stand out You could be in a single photo in a magazine for the next few months I don’t think so.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I urge all new artists to believe in themselves, believe in the superstar you used to love, and get something special. I want to! Please! Please!”

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