Niall Horan’s third solo album is officially arriving in June!

Niall Horan has announced that his third solo album, The Show, will be released on June 9th.

In a statement on Instagram, he said:Pre-order now from the link in my bio

“This album is something I am very proud of and now is the time to hand it over to you and make it yours. I can’t wait to share.I miss you all.It’s good to be back.”

The announcement comes almost a month after Niall secretly teased a new song called “Heaven Won’t Be The Same.”

The former One Direction star has been performing and playing snippets of new music on his TikTok account, directing fans to his new website at the URL

When loaded, it is called “NH3 Loading…”.

It was cloudy outside and there was a picture of a flickering blue cloud candle under the window.

And the source code said “Keep checking every day”.

There is now a pre-order link for “The Show”.

Here are some of the lyrics from “Heaven Won’t Be The Same”: be the same. ”

The song titles are listed on boxes some fans have sent in the post with the letters N and H on them.

Inside is a blue candle from the website, and in the box is a QR code with the same URL.

Late last year, Niall hinted at a new song for the year and an album to follow.

In a surprise Twitter video, he said: But I just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on. i’m back.

“The new year brings new music that I’m really, really proud of.

“Thank you for being so patient while I did it. I also have a brand new album.”

The “Put A Little Love On Me” hitmaker also plans to play a few shows on the festival circuit this year.

He continues:

“So I think we will be announcing some festivals in the next few days, weeks and months. I can’t wait to meet you.I love you very much.See you in the new year.”

Niall’s last solo album was 2020’s Heartbreak Weather.

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