Niall Horan Strums ‘Heaven,’ Talks Katy Perry Saving Him on ‘X Factor’ in Emotional Final ‘Late Late Show’ Appearance

Niall Horan made his final visit late late show Counting Thursday nights (February 16th), singing new singles, remembering when Katy Perry catapulted him to stardom, and host and longtime friend James Corden taking the midnight run. I was emotional to finish it.

Horan shared a couch with Perry’s partner, actor Orlando Boom, and basically how his career was going when the “Teenage Dream” singer took a chance on his potential in 2010. We talked about what happened. x factorCorden taped the moment Perry told a blonde mopped, acne-faced Neil that he needed more experience. “By the way, being likeable doesn’t sell records because you’re likeable,” Perry said in 2010 when some of the audience ranted.

“It’s talent and you have the seed of it,” Perry added. rice field. In the box in the bottom corner of the screen, present-day Neil smiled as the pivotal moment unfolded, and she clapped when Bloom was taken aback.

“Great!” Bloom was surprised. “Is that the moment that really changed all of you?” He said his audition was “very southern… Katie kept me in the competition. If it wasn’t for her.” , I definitely wouldn’t have been here and she knows it.”

In addition to talking about filming the next season of The Voice Along with fellow novice judges Chance the Rapper and returning chair spinners Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson, Horan performs a sweet acoustic take on his new single “Heaven.” Did. After strumming one chorus, Horan added another at Corden’s urging. I was excited by what can only be described as a father’s expression.And I became a best friend.

“It was so good, so good,” Corden whispered in Horan’s ear, giving the former One Direction singer a warm and loving hug. He slipped it in and promised to put it in a special spot next to another Prince’s pick he owned.

“This is Show 1,167… when you were in a band, and now you’re a solo artist… the time you spend here with you, you’re part of the family,” Corden handed Horan. Horan thanked Corden for hosting him on numerous occasions and also being a part of his off-screen life, and the feeling was mutual. talk about late late show Co-executive producer Ben Winston said he lost two friends and moved to the US to work on the show, which ends later this year.

“Hey, you guys changed pop culture forever. My two very close friends and I love you guys,” he said as Corden wiped away his tears as the commercial cut.

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