New Music this Week-January 2,2023

If you’re looking for new music, we’ve created a list of established artists you may know and new artists you may want to explore.

1Charles Kelly

Photo from BMG

Lady A’s Charles Kelly released a farewell letter to alcohol today, sharing a confession, “As Far As You Could.” Aided by the gift of despair, Kelly co-wrote The Ballad of Atonement after his public decision to quit drinking and start addiction treatment. After a flood of support, the next few months were filled with reflection, accountability and songwriting, with the powerful “As Far As You Could” being the turning point in Kelly’s recovery.

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2Flatland Calvary

Photo by Fernando Garcia

“If We Said Goodbye” is from the band’s acclaimed new EP. songs that keep you warm, released this fall (stream/buy here).productHen Bruce Robison The EP, recorded at The Bunker in Lockhart, Texas,mountain song‘ is a hit show on the Paramount Network, ‘yellowstone,” soon.

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3Brian Blake

Brian Blake’s photo

“New Year’s Day” is the second single from Brian Blake’s (Memphis, Tennessee) debut album. book of life.

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photo of motet

“Dracas” embodies what the motet has created all day, an album that retains the infectious groove arrangements for which motets have become known. But by focusing the listening experience around playing and composing, all day It highlights the band’s instrumental mastery, shaped by two decades of shared musical chemistry.

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FiveBrian Ruby

Cover art photo: Ashley L. Evans
Graphic Design By: Max Gordon

Brian Ruby has literally achieved “Hell of a Year” once, and to celebrate, he released a holiday surprise cover song for fans old and new. The reflective lyrics and pensive tune were originally recorded and written by Parker McCallum. “I love this song and wanted to make this track as a way of saying thank you to all the people I met on tour this year,” she said.

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6Rainie Wilson

Photo by Alice Gafken

Rainie Wilson debuted two Spotify singles today. She is a remake of her original song “Middlefinger” and a cover of Rick Derringer’s “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”.

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