New Hampton School Officials Review Florida Music Trip – KCHA News

A trip to Florida for the New Hampton High School music department is under consideration as it involved a male student who passed out several times during a Tik Tok challenge.

Director Jay Julens says both the band and choir members traveled to Orlando for workshops, improved their musical skills and visited several amusement parks. We left on Monday 9th January and returned on Sunday 15th January.

At a school board meeting Monday (01.16) evening, parent Samantha Johnson took her two girls on a trip. I claim.

This is one of many incidents in which all students’ mobile phones were briefly confiscated. Chaperone Jason Meyerhoff said students have been warned about the consequences of posting inappropriate items on social media.

Classmate chaperone Sherry Beckley said her daughter, like many other students, was part of a group that did not come to the aid of a fallen classmate.

Attendant Marie Becker was directly involved with the fallen student.

School Board President Jay Matthews said the trip’s investigation was led by high school principal Matt Manson.

By regulation, the board was unable to take any action on Monday. This is because the issue was raised during public comment and was not an official agenda item.

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