Neil Young Shares David Crosby Tribute: “Davis is Gone, But His Music Lives On”

Following the recent passing of legendary songwriter David Crosby, the late singer’s former bandmate Neil Young paid tribute to his friend.

Crosby and Young, who died Thursday (January 19) at the age of 81, were bandmates of folk group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Young joined a group in 1969 consisting of Crosby, Stephen He Stills and Graham He Nash.

“David is gone, but his music lives on,” Young wrote on the Neil Young Archive website. CSNY’s soul, David’s voice and energy were at the heart of our band. His great songs are synonymous with what we believed in and it was always fun and exciting when we performed together. ‘Almost Cut My Hair’ and ‘Deja Vu’ were some of the great songs he wrote that were great to jam with. [Stephen] Stills and I had so much fun because he kept going on and on.his song with graham [Nash] Their duo has found a highlight in many of our shows.

Young adds: Crosby was a very supportive friend in my early life as we chewed together big pieces of our experience. My deepest condolences to Jan and Django, his wife and son. much love to you Thank you David for your spirit and song, I love you man. I remember the best times! “

CSNY, who performed at the original Woodstock, released a critically acclaimed album in 1970. déjà vuThe group soon disbanded and got back together several times, including a final reunion in 2013.

For some time Young and Crosby did not speak. In 2022, Cosby was “not in a relationship” and had not been in contact for “two years.” bottom.

However, given that Crosby, Stills and Nash have removed their music from Spotify, there appears to have been some settlement, following in Young’s footsteps. Crosby also said he didn’t want to join Spotify with controversial podcaster Joe Rogan, saying, “I’d rather not be in the same market.”

In separate statements, Nash and Stills wrote their respective tributes.

“It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of my friend David Crosby,” Nash wrote. “People tend to focus on the volatility of our relationship, but what was most important to David and me was the music we made together, the sounds we discovered in each other, and the years we spent together. Deep friendships shared over the months David was fearless in life and in music He leaves a tremendous void as far as pure character and talent in this world is concerned He is beautiful He spoke his heart, heart and passion through music and left behind an incredible legacy, these are the most important things.My heart goes out to his wife Jean, his son Django and his love for this I am with all the people I have touched in the world.”

And Stills said Crosby was “unquestionably a giant of the musician, his harmonic sensibility nothing short of genius. The glue that held us together as our vocals soared into the sun like Icarus.” I am deeply saddened by his passing and will miss him immeasurably.”

Photo by Paul Bergen/Redferns

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