Music videos a great boost for artistes, says Musical act/ Video Director, BabaMillz

Songwriter and professional filmmaker BabaMillz attributes the growth of the music industry to the growth of the industry’s online video content.

According to him, a good music video not only brings a song to life, but also gives it something new. “It is the producers and directors who have honed their skills to bring a great video to near perfection. Today, pop videos are the essence of good video marketing. It has represented the sum total of the media’s ability to capture and use it to sell something: in this case, the rawness and groove of African hips.”

A Lagos-based songwriter and professional filmmaker, Babamillz is best known for his music videos. He is one of the few Nigerian filmmakers who have worked with the pinnacle of the industry today. He was born and raised in Abuja.

When Babamillz debuted on the Nigerian music scene in 2015, many did not expect Babamillz’s rapid rise as an artist.

Today, the 23-year-old is a breakout artist turned video director.

If you’ve heard any of his songs, it’s a testament to the fact that Bubba Mills writes with passion and sings from the heart. Over the past few years, the Lagos artist has created songs that blur the boundaries between Afrobeat, R&B and mainstream his pop, while bridging diverse sounds and styles using intense emotions and vibrant melodies. I’ve been Songs like ‘Yolo’ featuring 2tight and Fanty and ‘Bad’ featuring Fanty and Major X began to resonate, bringing Babamillz music that pushed boundaries. In a way, it’s the moment Bubba Mills has been striving for since childhood.

The Nigerian music industry continues to teach us to expect the unexpected from both musical artists and video directors.

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