Music therapy program in Woodbury geared towards neurodivergent children

This winter, programs for children with special needs have received recognition for helping children develop new skills. The organizers welcome children from Woodbury and surroundings, ages 3 to her 16.

“Classes like this are essential for kids like Cooper,” parent Kate Swenson told FOX 9 on Monday. Her 12-year-old son Cooper has finally found a place to be himself. I was. He has autism in 6th grade and he cannot speak. She felt a little left out of her fourth child, at least until now.

“This has been a lot of fun. We’ve been with his bros and he’s charming…he’s growing up next to his typically growing bros, in his own way.” “It’s great to see him blossom with his mates.”

In the third of four music therapy sessions in January, Cooper and 14 other young children were able to shine in their own way. They had fun, worked hard, and improved the skills they needed every day.

“Every week we seem to improve his skills,” Kate said.

“We work on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, interaction and imitation,” continued Erica Rapp.Rupp’s company Notable Music Therapy is in partnership with Woodbury Parks and Rec.

After completing four music therapy sessions in January, another session is planned for February.

“I encourage families to go out and try classes like this, even if they’re scary,” concludes Kate.

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