Music & the Spoken Word: ‘The same care one for another’

Editor’s Note: “The Spoken Word” is shared by Lloyd Newell on The Tabernacle Choir, which airs every Sunday on Temple Square. This will take place on Sunday 15th January 2023.

Most of the world’s best work is done by teams. Whether it’s in school, the office, the stage, or the ballpark, the most effective teams perform their best. Learning how to be successful means learning how to work together. And life offers so many wonderful opportunities.

We are born into a family — our first team provides support, guidance and love at its best. We go to school in classes and teams where we learn together with our classmates. , contribute to each other’s success. We go out into the world and find ourselves limited, but just as our strengths can make up for the weaknesses of others, our colleagues also have strengths that make up for them. . More broadly, we are all part of the same human family, learning together and working together on the same team.

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. wisely said in his speech at Oberlin College: What directly affects a person indirectly affects everything. … I can’t be what I’m supposed to be until you’re what I’m supposed to be. And you can’t be what you were meant to be until I am what I was meant to be.” June 1965,

In other words, we need each other. Even the most seasoned individual cannot compare what happens when teams of people with diverse skills work together carefully.

Long ago, the Apostle Paul likened our different gifts to different parts of the human body. We work best when all the different parts work in harmony (see 1 Corinthians 12:14-20). Paul’s wisdom has great application to everyone and every team. [division] in the body; but… members should take the same care of each other.When [if] One member suffers and all members suffer from it. Or one member will be honored, and all members will rejoice in it” (1 Corinthians 12:25–26).

Imagine what our world would be like if we had “the same care for each other”. as members of the same team. To paraphrase another famous speech by Dr. King, it’s a dream come true.


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