‘Music streaming has democratised the industry’: Prateek Kuhad on whether Spotify and Apple Music pay artists enough

As a bearded man in his thirties roared from the crowd, “We love you, Platek!” lovers way, the people around him burst into laughter. Dressed in a silver rolled-up floral shirt and chinos, short hair slicked back neatly, clutching a dreadnought-style acoustic guitar, the petite Quhad on stage gave a frenzied voice. The (and decidedly masculine) declaration of love erupted into amplified laughter. “We released this song earlier this year. It’s one of my favorites of him,” Kuhad continued. carbon dioxidefirst chord of, crouching, “maybe i was wrong and you were right…

Last month, a crowd of over 8,000 witnessed the night’s apotheosis as drums strode to rhythm, legs swayed, hands entwined and booze sipped across Gurgaon’s massive Ailia Mall Grounds. seemed to recognize Platek Khad A concert was approaching. A female trio in the corners of the stage harmonized, keyboardist Rhodes backdropping, bassist thumping mildly, and vocalist Cuhard closing his eyes in the center. The show featured songs from across his discography and included live Khad novices and veterans alike. With teenage girls, grey-haired couples, smoking musicians and corporate executives in their 30s roaming the venue, the dizzying diversity of Kuhad’s fan base is a testament to his universal appeal.

“He’s the kind of artist the whole family can listen to together,” said Shivangi Shukla, 31, next to a stall with his friend Nupur Khanna, 40. ‘No one knew him’ Rini Chatterjee, 35, an avid fan who claimed to have attended Khad’s show in Pune in 2017, was at the concert with her partner . long days. He speaks of feelings that can be shared across generations…”

“Growing up, I didn’t listen to much electronic music. increase. (Photo credit: Balich)

A few days later, Khad, arm dangling from a cushioned chair, said something similar in a Zoom call. Heartbreak, like hope and deep love, is something that a man experiences between the ages of 7 and his 70s. The more I do it, the more I realize that I am very interested in human motivation. That is why so much of it is about love. ’ And that love is seemingly reciprocated. Kuhad has now completed a two-month national tour and, starting with his final show in Goa tonight, he has already drawn thousands of attendees in 14 cities. The tour follows the release of his latest album and marks a departure from his previous sound. It’s electronica time.

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the first song of the album, all i need, which begins with a synthetic beat containing multi-octave vocals, setting the upbeat tone for the song that follows. This change in style, according to Kuhad, is a natural progression of his songwriting tastes and skills.

“Growing up, I didn’t listen to much electronic music. Added about his first release. Rat Raj, employs simple guitars, bass and vocals simply because “I didn’t know what else to do.” However, after years of listening to and playing multiple styles of music on this album, he realized he wanted to move away from that “stripped down” approach. I didn’t want to hold back…which led to these gorgeous, larger arrangements.

platek khad, platek khad news, platek khad interview, platek khad songs, platek khad music, platek khad concerts, indian express news “When I started out, I just wanted to do the bare minimum, and how streaming and independent distributors have changed the music landscape has made that possible,” he said. increase. (Photo credit: Balich)

However, this album’s thematic focus was not intentional. the third song, Favorite Peep, is one of Quhad’s few works that speaks of non-romantic love. It tells the story of someone broken hearted, repaired, supported, and brought together by friends and family, but that wasn’t the original intention: “I wouldn’t write it that way,” he said. Kuhad says. “I absorb a lot of information through music, movies, reading, conversations, going out, or introspection…and when I sit down to write, I try not to think too much. Favorite Peep Some lines came up and I thought, okay, this song is about that.

However, Kuhad’s relationship with the stage is tenuous, as most of his writing takes place in quiet spaces and studios. A socially anxious and introverted young man, he had to adapt to the energy of performing for so many people. “Over the years I have grown and now enjoy the stage a lot,” he says.

It was these efforts that earned him recognition for the independent explosion of Spotify and Apple Music in 2019. Kuhad said music streaming like this on his platform helped create a middle class of musicians. Very few artists make a lot of money at the top, and most of the others get nothing. ”

“When I started out, I just wanted to do the bare minimum, and how streaming and independent distributors have changed the music landscape has made that possible,” he said. increase. “Instead of complaining about streaming payments, we need to keep this in perspective. The process will evolve and become fairer. We already have.”

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