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Alumnus of Tahlequah High School, Abby Hill not only used her love of music to create her first album, she also helped spread the gospel.

Hill, 18, has been performing since she was four years old, but has performed in a different medium as a dance student at the Academy of Performing Arts and now teaching ballet classes in a studio.

Hill began her journey through dance, but she also helped lead services in church from the age of seven.

“He said he wasn’t too nervous about dancing. I think it’s because whenever I’m writing more personal songs, I’m more nervous about sharing my personal stuff with people.” said Hill.

Hill says one of the biggest differences between dancing and singing is that she’s more nervous about the music because the focus is on her rather than as a team effort like dancing.

“There is nothing to fall back on. If you are in a team on a dance stage, you can rely on the people behind you or in front of you. and you have to catch it yourself,” Hill said.

Hill has learned to play the guitar, but now plays the piano and sings his own songs. Her main genres are Christian and folk music.

Her first album ‘Rooted’ was first released in September 2022 under her stage name ‘Abby Grace’.

“It was an interesting process because we didn’t know much about it. It was kind of a miracle how it all happened. So for me, it’s really cool to watch,” Hill said.

Since her reason for making music is to spread the gospel, her main hope for those who listen to her music is for them to delve deeper into their faith.

There are no gigs or performances scheduled at this time, but we aim to gain more experience by doing shows at Talequa in the near future.

Hill said one of her musical career goals is to be part of a small band and tour churches across America.

“I’m still young, but I’m excited to see how much I can grow. [do,] From the songs on the album, to the songs I wrote exactly a year ago, to the songs I’m writing now,” Hill said. The more songs you write, the better you get at it. “

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