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Former Tallequor resident December Rodheever-McDaniel has used her job as a police officer to help others, but she plans to continue to inspire people throughout her recent music career.

Rodeheaver-McDaniel began her musical pursuits last summer, and she already released her first song on December 11th on over 150 platforms.

On December 14th, Rodheber-McDaniel appeared on radio station Lake Country 102.1, where her new song “What I Want Most” was played. She said the rapid change, which she already sings on radio and other platforms, is both exciting and overwhelming.

“My music is my story, so I wanted to be out there and send a message,” Rodeheaver-McDaniel said. I want to give, and the song ‘What I Want Most’ is definitely what I want most in my life, and I think every woman out there wants the same thing.”

Her goal as a musician in the future is to get her message across to others.

Rodheber-McDaniel said, “No matter what I do, I can always follow my dreams and chase my dreams, whether it’s big or small, I want to inspire others.”

While she listens to her own singing and voice, Rodeheaver-McDaniel pursues another career as an officer at the Westville Police Department.

“I’ve always wanted to help people. It’s a challenge in a way, but it balances well,” said Rodheber McDaniel.

She said she had always enjoyed music growing up, but only started writing her own songs this summer. .

“I’m definitely humbled by it. I don’t have this notion of being famously rich. I have children and grandchildren and I grow up and say, ‘Hey.

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The musician’s next release is called ‘Westville PD’ and is expected to be released in early 2023.

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