Music News: Guitars at Ford Museum, Rockford’s Got Talent II

Saturday’s roundup of Western Michigan music news ranges from information about a rocking new exhibit at the Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids to a second-year talent contest in Rockford.

A Milestone Moment in History: Through an Iconic Guitar.

Attention, guitar nerds.

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While it may not be the first place to consider displaying classic Milestone guitars, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids will focus on that later this month.

“America at the Crossroads: Guitars and a Changing Nation” Kicking off Jan. 27 at the Ford Museum, it showcases 40 musical instruments representing “key moments in America’s evolution, from the first Spanish invasion to the nation’s modern status as a global superpower.”

by Dick Bork

The National Guitar Museum’s traveling exhibition debuts in Grand Rapids and runs through May 28, with additional videos, photos and illustrations outlining important events, artists and instruments.

As the National Guitar Museum aptly points out, the guitar is America’s most popular musical instrument, and has been the subject of “everything from generational and racial differences to politics, consumer marketing, and fashionable relevance.” was a symbol of all things.”

To kick off the exhibit, the Ford Museum will host talks by makers and writers Dick Bore Hired as design draftsman by CF Martin & Co. in 1976, Boak was not only involved in devising over 100 signature guitar collaborations with star musicians (Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon, Steve Miller). . ), but he led the formation of Martin’s Artist Relations Department.

Admission to the Ford Museum (303 Pearl St. NW) is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, $9 for college students, and $6 for children ages 6-8. Get more information online here.


Veteran Grand Rapids radio announcer after being formally appointed Chief of WYCE (88.1 FM) in late 2022 Phil Tower He has a lot on his mind when it comes to the future of a volunteer-run community radio station dedicated to showcasing eclectic, regional music.

The station is in the midst of a major studio upgrade, with plans for four ‘micro’ on-air fund drives, a traditional Jammy Awards show at the Crossroads on February 24th, and a new world music series at the Kusterer Brauhaus. let’s start doing …. Sunday at 4pm Bridge Street NW (Celtic selkies perform their first concert).

Phil Tower (provided photo)

Tower has served as interim manager since spring 2022 after Jess Martin stepped down.

With over 25 years of on-air experience (most recently WOOD AM/FM radio in Grand Rapids), Tower has a wealth of expertise in radio operations. Not only that, but he actually served as stationmaster of his WYCE from mid-1995 to the end of his 1998, calling that term “the most personally and professionally rewarding of my life so far.” One of the things I call him.

He is also a radio veteran and music director of WYCE. Shane German He has added Program Director to his title and job responsibilities. Jarman has been WYCE’s music director since 2018.

Second Year Rockford’s GOT TALENT Competition Plays Out Saturday Night

For the second year, the Rockford Area Community Foundation will host a “Rockford Talent” contest tonight (Saturday, January 7) at 7:00 PM at the Rockford High School Art Auditorium.

Nine Rockford-area singers, musicians and performers will compete in the adult and youth categories, with cash prizes awarded to the winners of each. In addition, performers will be rewarded with another “People’s Choice” award based on online voting by fans.

Porter Kenyon: He’s playing again on Saturday night. (Photo/Anna Sink)

Interestingly, last year’s adult winner – pianist and songwriter porter kenyon – and 2022 Youth Category Winner – Singer Guitarist Lily Harper – I will also participate in this year’s talent show.

Other judges live Mike Bowman When Lauren Hendrick in the adult category; Cary & Reese, Madaline Kennedy, Everly Murphy, Brigid Byrne When Isbell in the youth department.

50% of ticket sales proceeds and online voting donations will go to the Krause Memorial Library Expansion Fund. More details and online voting information are available here.

Tickets are $15 at the door if tickets are left.

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