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Charles Tiner is bringing the band to Whiskey Jack’s this Thursday.

Gear up for the hallowed halls and prepare for a lavish ball for the final weekend before the big holiday arrives. Since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and thus Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday night, it’s very likely, and almost unsurprising, that there will be a lack of live music next weekend. That said, you might want to add a few more music-making moments to your life and go see some cool Yule stuff going on right now.

Elvis Himselvis (Rick Dunham in a sequined suit with a great voice) comes over to sing Christmas songs and other stuff for me to catch up with the guitar accompaniment.

Downtown Whiskey Jacks continues to support blues music with the one and only “N’Treble” Charles Tyner, leading a supergroup of musicians in a magical musical maze, including entertainer Hexli Nadelkissen and vocalist Hexli Nadelkissen. Rebecca Graves also participates.

Last week’s karaoke advice still holds true, I called my friend Tedd Ward and left a message as I said at the beginning indicating that he knew all the original reindeer names (but , not Olive). “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

On Friday, Rick Creek brings his country-rocking show to Curb In, with new bandmates Clint Brockmeyer on guitar and harmonica, and Jim Cloney on bass and backing vocals, and longtime members. It replaced Tyler Landes and Steve Gragert. This is the first of many gigs with newcomers and we wish everyone good luck on all levels of this weather change.

Many Friday shows have Suburban Mystics playing third bass, playing trippy cool pop songs you don’t hear every day, and Robert Sampson and friends kicking Friday Night Jazz jams at the Boons. Out, Wowie Zowie is back for the Harvest Market crowd at Farmhouse Brews and Johnny Owens bringing his buttery voice to Buzz Bombs, holiday songs and more. Pimpin Henry chilled his jets on Weebles, Dave Lumsden on Anchors Away where he put on the Rhythm ‘n’ Blues show, Bustin ‘Loose released Harris Family on Motorheads, and George Ranks did his one on Fireside Relics. Burn.

For Friday night’s final show, The Deep Hollow will perform their annual Happy Hollowdays performance upstairs at Arlington’s. They’ve always created a fun night out with deals for the best holiday outfit prizes and Deep Hollow merchandise, but this year included a first-ever Bourbon Raffle, with 100% of the proceeds going to Mini O’ Benefit Beirne Crisis Nursery. Check out the Facebook event page for more information. After listening to a great concert, you can go home with a great bottle of bourbon, just to support a good cause.

Oops, I almost did it again, but Saturday night saw Lady for Petty run down the dream with Goodfellas, Bruiser Queen rockabilly rockabilly up the Mississippi River, and Joel Gragg and The filament emits light. Blue Grouch, the Blue Note Jazz Quintet sweeten the pot at Lime Street, while Jeff Young and Bad Grampa get into trouble at Moy’s Cue.

Don’t forget, there’s plenty more to do this Sunday Funday, and Wednesday is the last Downtown Holiday Walk of 2022.

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