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BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) — Canetis are set to play the Rec Room on Friday, but first, they sat down for News 4 of this week’s Music Monday.

The band are set to release their third album soon, with lead singer Brendan Orr saying he expects it to come out this summer. The January 20th show opens at 6pm, opening Studio89, Ancient Spaceship and Hello London.

Canetis consists of Orr, bassist/vocalist Matt Broconier, guitarists Mike Butler and Matt Sacha, and drummer John Greenan.

The band formed in 2019, and since then, Sacha and Greenan have been writing and performing songs together, even though they now live in New York City.

This upcoming record doesn’t have a name yet, but Orr said the band likes to get the names of their records from the lyrics on those records. His first two albums for them were titled ‘Putting Time Together’ and ‘Chasing Moonlight’.

“We’re already tracking some songs,” Orr says. “We are really, really excited. and put the best of those records on this new record.”

Origin of the band name: While preparing for graduate school, Butler studied Latin roots to expand his vocabulary. Although he regrets the effort, he learned that “canetis” means “sound” in Latin.

Their Favorite Play Venue: Nietzsche, Buffalo Iron Works, Mohawk Place, Thin Man Brewery

Favorite song to play live: “Warning Call” “Meet Me At Midnight”

Favorite artist to work with: Pr0 Social, Former Love, Marquee Grand, Fernway, Post Prom, Grace Greenan, Amateur Hockey Club, Elemantra, Cooler, Humble Braggers, Hundred Plus Club

dream concert lineup:

Brendan Orr

  • stroke
  • Lauren Hill
  • kendrick lamar
  • Siza
  • Paul McCartney
  • pen

Matt Broconia

  • oasis
  • midnight
  • pen

Mike Butler

  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • sky explosion
  • big big pile of leaves
  • pen

For more information about Canetis and their music, please visit the following links.

Where Music Monday #19 was filmed Thin Man BreweryElmwood Avenue location. The brewery, which he founded in 2016, offers the community a “fun, inclusive, and forward-thinking approach” to craft beer. Thin Man also has his second store on Chandler Street. For more information, click here to visit the brewery’s website.

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