Music Livestreaming App Sessions Appears to Have Gone Dark

Sessions, a live music streaming app, seems to have stopped serving. This app was created by a former Pandora executive in 2020.

Founder Tim Westergren told Rolling Stone magazine in a 2020 feature article on Sessions: Marketing and Monetization. “

The idea behind Sessions was to build a live-streaming platform dedicated to musicians. Artists can host live streams, claim ticket sales, and collect in-concert micropayments. This is very similar to Twitch bits. Westergren also promised that the platform would help with marketing and promotion of artists. In August 2020, Westergren estimated that the artist makes from $5,000 to $20,000 per livestream.

what happened? The Sessions social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have not posted since October 2022. Artists who have used the platform have complained about non-payment on social media.

Neither Sessions nor Westergren have announced that they will be shutting down their live music streaming apps. Several of the company’s former staffers have updated their LinkedIn profiles to indicate that their employment has ended in December 2022. Richard Timmermans I wrote it late last year on the platform.

“Christmas a few weeks ago came with the unexpected news that Sessions was going out of business. write Data Engineer Robert Dragonmir said:

Unfortunately, the gamble to pay Westgren’s musicians for their live streams didn’t seem to work. Many of the employees who have worked for the company reflect positive experiences while at the company. Live streaming is a tough market to enter, with Twitch, YouTube and now TikTok dominating his 18-24 year old audience.

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