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Aparna Banerj

Jalandhar, December 26th

The fame of Mohan Veena and Satvik Veena – crafted from Hawaiian guitars and adapted to Indian classical music conventions – has created its own global niche.

homage to the artist

After Corona, people have been waiting for a festival like this. Fortunately, now it has started. We lost Pt Rajan Mishra, Debu Chaudhry, Pratik Chaudhary and Shubhankar Banerji. A great loss for the Indian classical music scenario. We are here to honor them all. Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

After a hectic schedule from one concert to another, Vina Maestro Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Pt Salil Bhatt shared their years of musical wisdom in an interview with The Tribune on the sidelines of the 147th Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan. shared the experience. Returning to the festival for the first time in four years, they discussed the pain of the severe Covid pandemic, the loss of a burning musical companion, the 500-year legacy of the Bat family, and their eagerness to return to Haribarab.

Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt said his performance at Harivallabh was a tribute to all these artists. In particular, acclaimed Indian classical artists such as Pt Jasraj, Pt Rajan Mishra, Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pt Debu Chaudhary and Pt Pratik Chaudhary passed.

In the middle of the Covid pandemic.

Pt Salil Bhatt said Covid was a personal loss. “We are related to three or four generations of the Pt Rajan and Sajan Mishra family. He (Pt Rajan) was an integral part of our family and my father’s peer group. Pt Bhajan Sopori gave me unconditional love.I saw him go, lent him my shoulder on his last journey.It broke my spirit.They were all ” Gunijan”, “Gurjan” (sage, teacher). I can’t imagine things without them. All musicians lined up in a row. It started with Pt Birju Maharaj (pre-corona) and was Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pt Jasraj, Pt Rajan Mishra, Pt Debu Chaudhary, Pratik Chaudhary. It has been accelerated by the pandemic,” said Pt Salil.

Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt said: Fortunately, now it has started. We lost Pt Rajan Mishra, Debu Chaudhry, Pratik Chaudhary and Shubhankar Banerji. A great loss for the Indian classical music scenario. We are here today to pay tribute to them all. Hari Barab is the only festival in India. Festivals such as Dover Lane in Kolkata, Saptak Festival in Ahmedabad and our recent appearance at Tansen Samrour are all things we are proud of. I have played several times with Harivarab. When I went to Canada, I was surprised to see that every house had festival recordings. Our host had a video of my performance at Haribarab.Even in London, Canada and the US there is great enthusiasm for Haribarab. ”

Asked whether music acted as a balm in the unfortunate time of COVID-19, Professor Salil Butt said: we are survivors. We will be known as the greatest survivors of all time. The fraternity of art and music had never seen a time like it. In such depression and darkness, music saved us. My son and my father sat quietly in the room and talked. ”

Elaborating on the impact of the Covid pandemic on the artist fraternity, Professor Salil Bhatt said, “What I have learned from this stage in my life is that every government in the world has seized upon the basic rights of its citizens. The Constitution says that nothing can stop a person from earning a living.This is the most important pillar and strength of the Constitution.Look back and tell me what happened in the last three years. People stopped making a living.Why do you think so many musicians died?Nobody thought about it.It was due to shock and trauma.They didn’t work. We couldn’t make a living.The government conveniently forgot about music, arts and culture.After all, we have very little voter share.We are not important to them.The government does not hold music concerts. By the time we agreed to do it, it was too late.

Pt Salil Bhatt says: Before the pandemic, it was a bustling hub for classical music concerts. It’s not even the 10-15 percent it used to be. ”

Regarding the solution for the current scenario, Pt Salil Bhat says: Without this, society falls into ruin. Without music and culture in society, seamless flow is not guaranteed. Children’s kindness depends on music. ”

Pt Salil Bhatt is currently working on his project ‘Sanantan Satvik Samvaad’. The project talks about the moorings of the Indian Sanathan tradition, the lineage of Lord Ram, his younger brother Bharat, and their ancestors’ contributions to Indian music. Uploaded “Shiv Tandav Strott” by Taxila and Ravan.

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