“music is my side quest now”

grimes I have a new album Book 1, have been working on it for a while.Featuring her 2021 single “Player of Games,” she murmured In September she finished it. However, there is still no concrete word on when it will be released, but Grimes has spoken out about the delay in a new series of tweets. You’re the luckiest girl on the planet, do you want the attention the album brings? 100% nooo (with respect)”

“I still release BOOK 1 and more,” she continues. No matter what I do, I’ll be dragged down.” fam r my whole life – this is also their fight. ”

“I always release music, but if that’s not clear, music is my side quest now,” she wrote. You may be able to listen to more music with I always do my best to entertain while literally draining my reputation. I hope you’re okay, I love you all.”

Grimes previously accused “journalists who are stalking me and trying to expose me and my children” on Twitter for “trying to attack” her ex-partner. Elon Musk.

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