Music industry struggling to comprehend death of Grammy-winning engineer

Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Unlikely to be struck by lightning or killed in a plane crash.

Still, musician Michael Spriggs said he believes so given the reality he’s living in.

“I can’t believe this is going to happen. I mean, I was in tears for two hours yesterday. How am I going to deal with this,” Spriggs said.

His longtime friend and at one point Chief Engineer Mark Capps was shot dead by an MNPD SWAT officer.

“I mean, that guy was so sweet, so kind. I couldn’t imagine him crosswording with anyone. I worked with him for over 30 years,” Spriggs said. I got

Police said an arrest warrant was issued against Capps after he held his wife and stepdaughter at gunpoint and threatened to kill him if he called anyone.

After Capps fell asleep, they escaped and went to the Hermitage police station for help.

A few hours later, a SWAT officer came to his door and issued a warrant.

The confrontation lasted several seconds and ended with Capps dying.

Mr. Spriggs said, “Everything happens so fast. He lets me see your hands. Let me see your hands. Bang, bang, bang.”

Spriggs said the Caps are well known in the Nashville music scene. He has worked with country and gospel artists including Brooks and Dunn, Chicks, Alabama and others.

Friends said they wanted to know if de-escalation tactics were used.

As TBI and Metro Nashville Community Oversight continue to investigate the incident, Spriggs said he knows the truth must be accepted.

“It’s over. It can’t be undone. We won’t be making any more records with Mark. It won’t happen. We won’t have that magic anymore. It’s gone. That experience is It’s all gone.”

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