Music in the Valley: Three Bands with UMass Roots to Perform at The Drake in February 2023

Three bands with UMass connections will play at The Drake, a live performance and music venue in the heart of downtown Amherst, Massachusetts, in February.


upon derailleur celebrates its 6th anniversary dance-punk party with Landowners and Perennials, featuring special guest Steve Waxman. Les Dérailleurs band members include singer/guitarist Joe Pater (Professor and Chair of the Department of Linguistics) and drummer Jeremy Smith (Archivist of the UMass library).

Formed at a Western mass when things seemed to go off course, Les Dérailleurs change rapidly, using fast, loud, propulsive tunes to push forward. This Drake concert marks the sixth anniversary of his first show at his 2017 anti-inauguration party at Flywheel in East Hampton. Ashfield in January 2016 at a Bowie tribute at his Lake House, where Steve his Waxman, who was part of the first gathering of his members Derailleur, guest-starred. Their latest release is an EP called ‘2003’ which contains recordings from that year by lead Dérailleur Pater including two of his songs from the current repertoire.

Roll Over White on the left, Senior Year on the right
Roll Over White, Left, Senior Year

later that month, two high energy rock bands rollover white When final year Collide for a double bill slowdown.

Roll Over White is a strong alternative rock band from Eastern Massachusetts, including two UMass Amherst students and two Berklee College of Music students. Key.

Senior Year is a rock and pop band formed in UMass Amherst via Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The recently released album Out of Here is available on all platforms.

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