MoistCr1tikal Music Video Costs Him Sponsorship

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Charles ‘MoistCr1tikal’ White has released a video announcing the end of his sponsorship following his recent music video.

one of convulsions‘s biggest streamer and YouTube personality, Charles ‘MoistCr1TiKal’ White, also known by the nickname ‘penguinz0’, has released a video announcing his loss of sponsorship following the release of his latest music video. Did. MoistCr1tikal is best known for his eSports his team Moist Esports and his commentary on controversies and game stories, but has also dabbled in the music industry, appearing in ‘2019 Guy’ and ‘Your Boyfriend does n’ He has released several of his classic tracks such as ‘t Scare Me’.

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When MoistCr1tikal isn’t launching his well-deserved critiques of famous people and companies, he plays some popular games on Twitch while giving his own take on overall mechanics and game behavior. Unfortunately this time around, his two hobbies seem to have crossed, with one of his latest music tracks causing confusion for one of his potential partnerships.

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MoistCr1tikal announced in one of their latest videos on YouTube that the offending track is “Filthy”. It is a song that depicts the use of marijuana as well as numerous lyrics containing sexual and sometimes obscene language. As he himself admitted, the purpose of the song was to make it as disturbing and dirty as possible, hence the title of the track. It’s not unusual for Twitch and YouTube personalities to receive major sponsorship deals from companies looking to capitalize on the momentum of internet celebrity, but unfortunately for MoistCr1tikal, a previously agreed deal fell apart. , I’m visibly confused about this issue. .

“I don’t know why [this video] MoistCr1tikal suddenly baffles every company that might want to work with me somehow, in a video posted on YouTube. MoistCr1tikal is one of the most outspoken when it comes to criticizing and subverting Twitch’s policies and features that take advantage of its users, but his musical adventures are also part of Twitch. . His YouTube channel on his main.

Losing a partnership is no laughing matter, but MoistCr1tikal stands by his latest track release and doesn’t regret it. “The Gentlemen will take over in 2023 and Filthy is just the beginning. It’s just a little appetizer to the next main course,” he boasts towards the end of the video: White’s New Year’s Beginning includes Ludwig joining his Moist Esports. This is an announcement made public by both creators on his YouTube channel and is a big move for both brands. One door has been closed for him due to MoistCr1tikal and unnamed sponsorships, but no doubt many more will be opened in the near future.

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