Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ Stands Tall On U.K. Chart

You can’t squash “Flowers” (via Columbia) in the UK, as the Miley Cyrus track will be 2023’s longest-reigning No. 1 single so far.

The US pop singer topped the official UK singles chart for the fifth straight week with ‘Flowers’, which racked up 8.5 million streams for the entire cycle. That’s enough streams to lead all singles of the format for five straight weeks.

“Flowers” easily eclipsed Miley’s previous leader’s “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” one-week hits in 2013, making it Miley’s biggest chart hit in the UK.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

The Pink Pantherless stormed again with ‘Boy’s a liar’ (Warner Records), climbing 8-3 in its ninth week on the charts, after becoming the first ever UK Top 10 spot earlier this month. It’s his third Top 40 hit as a British singer, songwriter and producer, and it’s backed by a remix featuring rising American rapper Ice Spice.

Linkin Park rocks the highest new entry on the latest charts released on February 17, rocking the previously unreleased track “Lost” featuring vocals from the band’s late lead singer Chester Bennington.

The nu-metal favourite, bowed out at number 18, making the UK Top 20 for the first time in 14 years. “Lost” is his one of her six unreleased songs. meteor 2020th anniversary edition of the sophomore album. Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition It will be released by Warner Records on April 7th.

Further down the list is London rapper Strandz with ‘Us Against The World’ (Relentless) jumping 42-27 to make his first UK Top 40 and compatriots Central Cee scoring 16. “Me & You” (Central Cee) entered the top 40 and ranked 31st.

Right behind them, Brighton UK alternative pop act Lovejoy sings ‘Call Me What You Like’ (Anvil Cat). Lovejoy’s first Top 40 entry and new appearance at No. 32.

Finally, the February 12th Brit Awards bolstered the chart performances of several winners, performers and nominees.

Among the beneficiaries was George Ezra “Green Green Grass” (Columbia), who rose 19-14 after being shortlisted for Song of the Year and eventually Harry Styles. Lost to ‘As It Was’ (Colombia), going up 34-7. in the latest survey. Meanwhile, Lewis Capaldi’s “Forget Me” (Vertigo), which the Scotsman played that night, went from 44 to 37.

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