Mick Fleetwood Plays Christine McVie Song at 2023 Grammys Tribute With Sheryl Crow + Bonnie Raitt

One of the biggest musical losses of the past year was the death of Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter, keyboardist and pianist Christine McVie. Words of tribute flowed after her death in late November 2022, but the Grammys provided the perfect platform to pay tribute to her musical legacy. in the remembrance segment.

“I was able to pay tribute to Christine because the band and Christine have been a huge influence on me. Working with Mick means so much to me,” Crowe said. Exclusively told Bobby Bones Yeah! Live from the red carpet. “I feel like I have the honor of being honored.”

Fleetwood said, “I think we are all collectively here because Cheryl and Bonnie sang this beautiful song. Christine as a Fleetwood Mac person and of course personally. I think it represents what it meant to me, my band members, and so many other families. I think it’s time to celebrate the beauty of a woman.”

“There’s a lot of fuss, but we’re really happy to have her in a fuss,” he continued. “It’s a double-edged sword. you can live with a beautiful woman [Sheryl], and it’s beautiful to me to see Bonnie happen. ”

Earlier in the day, McVie won a posthumous Grammy Award for Best Arrangement, Instrument or Vocal for Vince Mendoza’s “Songbird (Orchestral Version).”

In the performance, Fleetwood played handheld drum Toms instead, Crowe played piano and swapped vocals with Raitt on “Songbird”. The final part of the “In Memoriam” segment also included a nod to Loretta Lynn and the Migos rapper. Kacey Musgraves, Quavo and Maverick City Music take off as they perform other parts of the tribute.

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