Metallica’s James Hetfield Cast in Dark Western Starring Peter Dinklage + Juliette Lewis

Metallica’s James Hetfield is set to add to his acting resume, taking on unspecified roles in upcoming Dark Western films bush.

according to deadlinethe film stars and is produced by game of thrones It features actor Peter Dinklage and a cast that includes Juliette Lewis (yellow jacket), Esme Creed Miles (Hannah), Levon Hawke (crowded room), Leslie Grace (Inn the Heights), Guvenga Akinagbe (old man), Macon Blair (I care a lot), Ned Dennehy (Peaky Blinders), Andrew Schultz (infamous), Arliss Howard (Not enough) and Metallica frontman Hetfield.

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The film, which is being made for Tubi, has already begun principal photography. Dinklage has been on the project for ten years before him, and the film is based on his one of the best historical novels of 2013, written by Joe R. Lansdale.

Per Deadline, the plot follows an innocent young man, Jack (Hawk). He goes on an epic quest to save his sister Lula (Creed Miles) after being kidnapped by violent killer Kat Throat Bill (Lewis) and her gang. , Jack enlists the help of a cunning bounty hunter named Reginald Jones (Dinklage), the alcoholic son of a former slave gravedigger (Akin Nagbe), and a clever street prostitute (Grace). The gang tracks Cut Throat Bill to a deadly deserted land known as the Great Thicket where blood and chaos reign.

Hetfield previously made his acting big screen debut with the role of Officer Bob Hayward in the 2019 film about serial killer Ted Bundy. very wicked, amazingly wicked and despicableAppeared in the Showtime series as himself BillionsFOX’s long-running animated series simpsons And in a movie centered around Metallica metallica through the never and metallica some kind of monsterAlso acted as a narrator in 2017 porn addiction Documentaries and History Channel Series hunting.

These days, with Metallica already dropping three new songs and videos from their next album, Hetfield has a lot of work to do in front of the camera, too. 72 seasons album. A new song, “If Darkness Has A Son,” was released earlier this week. 72 seasons Pre-order your copy here and get your tickets for Metallica’s next tour at this location.

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