Metallica Historian Shares Hint About ‘Load’ Deluxe Box Set

Over the course of the two Vinyl Club series, Metallica released eight exclusive records to subscribers. Each record is pressed with music that has never been released before or officially released physically. Not only that, but the jacket is packed with posters, stickers, slipmats and other “surprises”. All releases also feature liner notes written in the unmistakable voice of Lars Ulrich.

good, largely All releases feature Ulrich’s voice.

In the latest and probably last release of Vinyl Club, Leftovers from the Black Album box setUlrich limits his words and puts the spotlight on Metallica historian and archivist Dan Nikolayko, who fans may know as Spider-Dan.

…and for this version of the memo that no one reads, I now say, “The rarity, the weirdness, the nonsense of Talika… Spider-Dan!

As so what! Spider-Dan explains: kill them all and ride thunder‘ Its key role revolves around the reality of choosing which tracks to include in each album’s deluxe box set, striving to put together a ‘complete record’.

So it makes sense that Spider-Dan would be tapped to write the record’s liner notes for tracks that were compiled for the “Black Album” box set but not ultimately included.

“29 hours. “29 hours. Ha! Of course not!”

He goes on to describe the four tracks above. leftovers: “Nothing’s Unique ‘Strings & Vocals’ Mix [Else Matters],” killer instrumental rough mix[My Friend of] Misery”, the only performance of “No Remorse” on the entire tour, and a smokin’ version of[The Shortest] Straw” from before Guns Tour.

However, he hinted at his next project before gathering his thoughts. Load and reload box set.

he said: Excuse me, but here is his take on 43 floors of “Jack” and “Ronnie”.

This appears to be the first reference licensed by the band. Load and reload The gorgeous reissue fans have been hearing since Metallica first announced production on February 3, 2022.

“We’re exploring our catalog to bring you the all-inclusive deluxe box set we’ve come to love,” they wrote in an email to fans last year. it’s time Load and reload! ”

Since then, Metallica have devoted themselves to a year-long world tour, putting the finishing touches on what would become their 12th studio album as it is now known. 72 seasonswill be released on April 14th.

Third release of Metallica’s latest Vinyl Club product —Live at Bridge School Benefit 1997— made us think they might have been in the middle of scrutinizing archived material Load and reload It’s an era, but about Spider-Dan’s passing comment Load‘s “The House Jack Built” and “Ronnie” have their next box set (or set?) still in the works, even as Metallica gear up for a new album and a two-year global tour. indicates that there is

If you need more proof than a few words in the liner notes, check out this topic on Wishlist on Metallica’s forums. Load and reload Reissue; Spider-Dan is very Respond to fans and actively participate in conversations.

Listen to “The House Jack Built” by Metallica

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Even before Metallica announced plans for a 12th studio album, 72 seasons2022 was shaping up to be one of the most memorable years in the band’s career.
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Lars Ulrich’s Favorite Live Photos

As iconic as James Hetfield, as shredder as Kirk Hammett, and as crazy as Robert Trujillo onstage, no member is more associated with Metallica than Lars Ulrich. .

After all, he’s the reason the band exists. He’s a major part of the songwriting process. He is the voice that stood up for Metallica and musicians around the world after Napster.

After hours of hunting for photos of Ulrich, we’ve narrowed this list down to just a few of our favorite live shots from the last 20 years. Of course, there’s no way to trap Ulrich in a mere photo, but as you’ll definitely see, you can get pretty close.

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