Metallica Fan Claims They Hear Bass on ‘…And Justice for All,’ Reddit Tears Them Apart

One of the oldest complaints about Metallica’s discography, barring 2003’s snares St. Anger, That’s a bass from the 1988’s …justice for all basically inaudible. However, one fan claims they can hear bass, and Reddit is tearing them to pieces.

“I have the ability to hear Metallica’s bass. AJFA” A fan with supersonic hearing wrote as the title of a Reddit post. There was nothing else in the description. It was just a general statement and the comments section was very funny.

“It’s not that it’s not there. It’s just a low mix and a reflection of James.” [Hetfield] Rhythm guitar,” a logical user replied, leading to the original poster replying that listening with loud headphones would allow him to hear it…which then led to some discussion.

But for fun.

“I can’t legally determine if this is a shit post or not,” someone commented.

“Yes. It’s called hearing,” added another.

And the comment that should be given the most points, or whatever form of currency Reddit takes, says, “I see dead people…”.

Take it, Bruce Willis.

Check out the post here and see all the comments yourself.

as a serious problem …justice for all It was Metallica’s first album with Jason Newsted after Cliff Burton’s death in ’86. Steve Thompson, who mixed the album, discussed the album’s production process in an interview several years ago. Apparently, Lars Ulrich wanted his drums to sound a certain way, but Thompson adjusted them the way he felt the drums should sound.

“Jason’s part was in perfect rhythm with James’ guitar. It was a wonderful marriage that worked,” recalled the engineer.

However, Ulrich did not like the adjustments Thompson had made on the drums and requested that the original sound he wanted be removed, as well as the Newsted bass. Of course, Newsted was unhappy about this, and it’s now basically a meme within his Metallica community.

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