Metal Grammys Year by Year – Who Won + Who Should’ve Won

Heavy metal and the Grammys are often mentioned in the same sentence only in controversy. The Best Metal Performance award has been criticized since his infamous 1989, won by Jethro Tull (the flute’s first folk-rock act to have great success in the ’70s). knife emblem More than worthy of Metallica’s infinity …justice for allHard rock was lumped into the category this year, but Tull didn’t even fit under that umbrella, and the whole ordeal detitled hard rock to the Grammy Awards.

Since then, the Grammys have taken as many years as it’s allowed to come to Metallica, but many other selections haven’t been met with enthusiasm either. Year after year often feels like a slap in the face when a candidate doesn’t adequately reflect the best metal they had to offer in qualifying years.

Yes, there have been years when the Grammys seemed to have a grasp on the music we all love, but outsiders will never be able to figure it out. Teru? We at Loudwire!

We are here to right the wrongs, offer some alternatives to heavy metal history, and carve out a world where the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance goes to the artist who truly deserves it. Some of our selections were very obvious (they weren’t obvious enough for the Grammys), some were bold and daring, and some of the best ever playing metal. Some were heartbroken because they had to strip the artists of their awards.

Each year, we take a look at who the Grammys chose first, the list of nominees, and then our picks. Scroll through the gallery below to see who should have won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

Metal Grammy Awards Year by Year: Who Really Should Have Winn?

Best Rock Album Grammy Awards – Who won and who should have won

What do you think of past winners?

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