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2022 is no different, and several beloved artists have left us this year.

It was a year that started with big losses: January 20th meatloafbirth Marvin Lee Addey, died at the age of 74. His cause of death was not announced, but he had been plagued with health problems in recent years. He also reportedly had COVID before he died, but it has not been confirmed that he died from it.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee just two days after TMZ misreported his obituary jerry lee lewis He died at his home in Mississippi on October 28. he was 87 years old.

And on November 30th, music fans were shocked. fleetwood mac Co-lead vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist Christine Mcvie Died at the age of 79. Her family hoped she would rest in peace [the] After a “short illness”, a “hospital”. In honor of her bandmates and her friends, stevie Knicks She revealed that she didn’t know McVie was ill until a few days before he died.

Below is a chronological list of many musicians who passed away in 2022.

blood, sweat, tears co-founder Dick Harrigan He died of natural causes in Rome, Italy, on January 18. he was 78 years old.

Don Wilsonthe last surviving member of the instrumental surf rock quartet Venturesdied of natural causes on January 22 at the age of 88.

Ian McDonaldof King Crimson When foreignerdied of cancer on February 9 at the age of 75.

Procol Harumfounder and lead singer of gary booker, passed away on February 19 after a battle with cancer. he was 76 years old.

screaming trees front man Mark Lanegan He died at his home in Killarney, Ireland, on February 22. he was 57 years old.

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins On March 25, the night before the band headlined the Esstereo Picnic Festival, they were found dead in a hotel room in Bogota, Colombia. he was only 50 years old.

Re Stylesformer vocalist The Tubesdied on April 17 at the age of 72.

Randy RandBassist and co-founding member of 80’s glam metal band signdied in late April.

yes Drummer inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Alan White On May 26th, he passed away after a short illness. he was 72 years old.

Andy Fletcherkeyboardist, founding member depeche mode, died on May 26 at the age of 60. He died after suffering an aortic dissection in his home.

Alec John Thatchthe original bassist of the rock band Bon Jovidied of natural causes on June 4 at the age of 70.

seal and croft Jim Shields He died on June 6 after suffering from a “chronic ongoing illness.” he was 80 years old.

Jerry Allisonbest known as the drummer of buddy hollythe band of cricketsdied of cancer on August 22, nine days before his 83rd birthday.

rock hall of fame jerry lee lewis, aka The Killer, died at his home in Mississippi on October 28. he was 87 years old.

Dan McCaffertythe original lead singer of the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, died on November 8. he was 76 years old.

guitarist wilko johnson, Best known for his work with British bands in the 70’s Dr. FeelgoodHe passed away on November 21st at the age of 75.

fleetwood macco-lead vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist of Christine Mcvie After a short illness, he died on November 30th. She was 79 years old.

Rascals drummer Dino Danelli He passed away on December 15th at the age of 78.

Rick Andersonbassist and co-founding member of the band The TubesHe passed away on December 16th at the age of 75.

just 16 months later rolling stones drummer Charlie Watts his wife, who died Shirley Watts He passed away on December 16th at the age of 84.

terry halllead singer of the influential British band Specials, died on December 18 at the age of 63.In addition to working with that band, he also co-wrote Go Go’s Debut single with the lover at the time “Our lips are sealed” Jane Wiedlin.

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